Two year Old Bully

Two year Old Bully

Why is it that my two year old bullies his six year old brother…

Anthony was eating some popcorn and watching a movie in the front room when Edward came along and snatched the television remote. Anthony instantly started whining “give it back, give it back” Edward laughed and turned the movie off. That made Anthony cry and whine more. Edward did not care about his brother crying because he went ahead and turned on a movie he wanted to watch. I wanted to say something so bad but I figured I let them two figure things out. They were not hitting each other at all so I thought I did the right thing. Anthony told Edward that he did not like him because he is always bullying him. Edward was not done messing with his brother because he took his popcorn too.  Anthony sat on the floor for a second before he said anything to Edward. “Give it back Edward,” Anthony shouted. I sat on the couch and just shook my head at the fact of my Two year old and what he was doing. I let them go back and forth for about five to six minutes then I said something but by then Anthony had just let it go.

Should I have let them work it out or should I have stepped in?

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