Leap Start

Leap Start

Ok so I thought the Leap Frog’s Leap Start would be easy to us due to the fact that it is geared towards children age two to six. I needed to pay more attention to the packaging when I buy my children things. I could have read on the box what was supposed to be down with this learning device after someone purchases it.


I opened the box and pulled out the index card size “Quick Start Guide” on how to setup your Leap Start. Okay everything was going ok with the registration until my computer did not want to download the book audio for the sample book that was included in the package. While I am trying to be nice and setup this book two of my boys decide to start fighting and screaming at each other. Now I am trying to be patient with them and this book setup. After I sat at the computer for over an hour I realized that I did not need to download the audio for the sample book. I was so upset that you could probably see smoke coming from my ears. When I read that in the Parent Guide I felt a little stupid. Am I the only one that assumes that the you do not need to read the paperwork or parent guide in baby toys?

As my old college professor used to say to her students “learn to read”!

I can say that my two year old loves the thing now that I got it to work and showed him how to use it.

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