I can’t believe it

I can’t believe it

So I was driving along on the highway to take two of my boys to their ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) class and saw a hiring sign/sticker on a van/bus for the school district and decided to call the number. I thought I was going to just ask whomever on the line about the openings that they had but boy was I wrong. The lady that answered the phone told me about the position then asked me if I would like to setup an interview. I asked her what day would work for them and she turned around and said the boss will be in at 10 a.m so I could setup an interview after that. I was so surprised to hear her say that so I repeated “today after 10,” yes today. Have you ever had to recheck something someone said to you by repeating it? I thought about what I had planned for that day and let her know that I could come in at 11:30 a.m. that morning. I asked the woman if there was a interview dress code because I was in sweats and a thermal shirt. She informed me that there is not one because when she went in for her interview she was wearing a tank top, shorts, and flip flops. I kind of laughed a little and said “REALLY!” I felt better once I heard her story. I hung up the phone with shook still on my face and joy inside. I could not believe that just happened to me. My luck has been bad lately and I was beginning to think nothing good would happen to me.

When we made it to the ECFE class I checked my boys in and called my mother. “Mom could you watch my boys so I can go to my interview,” I asked her as soon as she answered the phone not even saying hello back to her. “Slow down what did you say” was my mother’s response. I repeated myself to hear and after talking to hr about the interview for ten minutes she said she would watch them. When class was over I took my two boys to my mother’s house and tried my best to gather myself for the interview. I kept telling myself things would be okay but my anxiety was winning the race. On my drive to the bus company I had a little talk with myself ” Now I know you have not worked in over two years you can still do this. Nothing has changed in the interview world, just go in with your head high and you will be fine.” I have to say when I reached the bus company I was a lot less anxious.

I sat in the chair in front of the boss with my hands crossed and both feet on the floor. I tried to give him eye contact all the way thru the interview. I was so worried about the interview and worked myself up for nothing. The interview was so laid back and it was just a conversation between the two of us. While I was sitting there he made a phone call to setup a DOT physical for me and copied my drivers license. At the end of the interview he said to me that he would like for me to come in next Friday at 8:15 in the morning to do my new hire paperwork as long as I pass my background check and my DOT physical. I wore a smile on my face the whole time he was talking but inside I was going crazy and jumping for joy because I knew I would pass my background¬† check. “Thank you so much for your time and nice to meet you” is all I could get out. When I got back into my car I had a tear in my eye because I felt like nothing like this would ever happen to me. I do not know anyone that has called an employer to inquire about an opening, get an interview then get offered the job all in the same day. Have you?


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