Family Wedding Trip Day 2

Family Wedding Trip Day 2

So I am doing the driving now and let me tell you it isn’t any fun. Everyone is sleep and making it look and sound good. The darkness is helping my mind to say close your eyes sleeping beauty but I know I have to stay woke so I do not hurt anybody. I decide to stop at a gas station to pick me up an energy drink so I could at least drive an hours or so. When we were almost out of Kentucky I was releaved from driving. I only drove two hours but it felt like I drove four hours.

Now it is around 4 in the morning and Edward starts saying “get out get out”, I was not to sure if he was talking in his sleep or if he was completely awake. While he was talking Anthony wakes up too. Now that 2 out of my 4 boys are awake, I can no longer enjoy the silence. “Mom are we there yet?” ask Anthony. “No son not yet, I know you are ready to get out of the truck”. I turn on the “Smurfs” movie to try and keep them calm until I reached a restaurant to get them some breakfast.

We finally make it to the hotel around 4:30 in the afternoon. I walk into the hotel office to try and check in when the man informs me that my room is not ready. Now I am tired and hurting from our 30 plus hour drive. I really am not happy with the information the man just gave me and I guess he could see it on my face because before i could say anything he picked up his walkie-talkie and began talking to someone in Spanish. When the man put the walky-talkie down he began to type on the computer while informing me that he has a room for me. I felt a little better about the service at the hotel after he did that. Our room was across the street and down some from the office. Once I opened the door of the room my unhappiness went completely away. The room was like a one bedroom apartment, very spacious. We unload our stuff from the truck and I park the truck.  forgot my DL in the office of the hotel

Now it is almost 6 p.m. and DJ wants to go outside to go sight seeing. I tell him “so go ahead without me I am too tired.” Somehow my son was able to talk me into going out.

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