Family Wedding Trip Day 1

Family Wedding Trip Day 1

My family and I are going to Florida for my friend’s wedding. She asked me to be her bridesmaid/matron of honor.

First family trip with all four of my boys. I do not think I thought the trip all the way out. I forgot for a moment that children cannot be in a car for long trips or they start to get real antsy. Last night I went to pick up our rental car from AVIS and AVIS did not have the car I reserved so the clerk had to replace my truck with another one. Yes I have to admit that I started flirting a little so that he would give me a better car than what I reserved. I said to the clerk softly and a little seductively “So since my truck was not outside in the parking spot that you told me to go to could I get a better truck than what I reserved?”, the man was happy to do so. My family is traveling in a 2018 Suburban. The truck needed to be loaded and car seats strapped down before we could leave home. We still needed to go pick up my mother from her house before we could leave Minnesota. I had said that we were going to leave out at 5 A.M. but we did not leave until 9 A.M. . I did not want our trip to take too long but we already have a 23 hour and 56 minute drive going to Florida. We will have to go thru the state of Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia to reach Florida. I thought that we might stop a couple of times to give the kids a rest here and there while traveling down to Florida so they would not get to restless and bored.

We finally left my mother’s house around 10:30 A.M. once we got her loaded in the truck. Anthony and Edward had their fun tabs to keep them occupied and not fighting until the batteries died. We have been driving for only an hour and my two-year-old and six year-old are having a rough time. They keep screaming at each other and crying because one or the other will not share a toy or tablet. Ezequiel was sleep and DJ was into his phone. We also had a couple of kid movies to watch on the DVD player that was built into the truck. We started out all excited and energized to finally be going on our first family trip. We where able to drive almost to Kentucky by midnight.

Have you ever took a long driving trip with little kids?

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