I tell you that when my boys go at it they really go at it. My two middle children fight like cats and dogs. My three year old Edward does not play with my six year old Anthony when they be fighting. Edward goes all out.

The last fight that they had over a stuffed animal was crazy. Edward was scratching, kicking and trying to bit Anthony. I stopped the fight but Edward went right back after Anthony 2 minutes later. Edward is very determined to complete the fight he started or is in period. I really do not know what to do with him. I have had anxiety attaches over him and me not being around him.

Edward will be starting daycare soon and I am a little scared for the other children at the daycare. I am hoping that his anger stays at home and with him brother and not other children. I do not want to get phone calls from the daycare about him hitting, kicking, biting or throwing stuff at other children.

What have you tried to do to help out your children with sibling rivalry ? What is something you have tried to help a child or your own child deal with anger?

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