A Little About Me

A Little About Me

Hi world,

I am new to this opening up my life to the world because I normally keep everything to myself. So I apologize in advance if some of my post are a little off the wall or does not make sense. There are just times when I need to get somethings out and off my chest while not being judged for it.

I do not think that I think like most mothers when it comes to parenting. I love being a mom most days and then there are those days that I questioned myself. When I only had one child I was still able to be who I was before becoming a mother. I was able to go to college and graduate while still having time to spend with my son.

Now that I am a mother of four there is no way I could even think about going to school or doing anything extra for myself. I love my boys with all my heart but I have become this other person that lives day to day just to take care of her children.

Is it wrong to feel like you need time for yourself when you are a mom or want to take a vacation without your children?

I personally think that the father of a child has parenting a little easy due to the fact that children normally stay with the mom if the parents are not together. I think that mothers that have more than one child have the most stress in the world because they loose themselves in just trying to do their best in raising their children.

As you can see, I am somewhat unhappy in being a mother of four on the other hand I am very happy too have my boys.

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